Softball Photos

As many of you remember, we used to post a multitude of hitters, both baseball and softball, to illustrate the mechanics we teach. We have decided to only post a few on our new website because basically it showed the same "hitting envelope" that hitters are obliged to enter as they swing.

One of my definitions of the "perfect" swing is "the adjustment the hitter makes to the pitch he gets." Being able to make these adjustments, i.e., matching the swing plane to the pitch plane, is paramount to staying in the contact zone for as long as possible.

Consider that all softball pitchers are taught to to get the hitter to hit the top-half of the ball. Why then do so many teach the hitter to hit the top-half of the ball? Does this make sense? Does it sound logical that hitters are taught to do exactly what pitchers want them to do? 

Mike's tip: "Swing level to the BALL—NOT level to the GROUND."



Mike: I've been teaching your drills to a lot of the girls in our fastpitch league this past winter and spring. The results have been awesome! Here's a picture of one of the girls I've been working with. She's 10. This picture was taken at a tournament in La Crosse, Wisconsin last weekend. Thought you'd like to see how your method works for even young hitters! Best Regards, Jeff West

 Just wanted to say that personally I have always been a rotational hitter. But, for my daughter, Destiny, to see that there are others hitting the same way - and by her watching your videos - has made her a real  "powerhouse" hitter. Her batting average and power are off the chart for a 10yr old. Thanks for making her a believer of the rotational hitting method.

She has been asked multiple times what high school she plays for and I have to answer that she is only 10! Other college players have seen her and state that she has the "perfect swing." Thanks again
. —Luis Chavarria
 Hi guys - My daughter's already made contact with the ball. She just turned nine!
Her team is defending their National Championship next weekend.
P.S. LOVE your hitting methods—hope to visit one of your camps sometime soon. Many thanks...
 "Mike & Jake,

Time does pass by quickly - sorry we haven't written you sooner to thank you and Jake for the time spent working with us at your facility in June.

In the last game of her last tournament of the summer, under international rules with a runner placed on second base, she knocked it over the 200ft fence in left field to take the lead. It was an exciting moment for her and us.

Before every game, she practices the Enforcer Drill. (She says she doesn't like it, but it certainly works!!!)

We are looking forward to visiting with you again. Attached is a recent photo of her swing. —Ed"
Mike's note: Nicole is currently being hotly recruited by Boston College and Notre Dame, and others.

Mike's note #2: Who says rotational hitters can't hit the rise ball? Ed said this ball carried nearly 275'....