Rotational Hitting vs Linear Hitting

By Mike Epstein
Rotational? Linear? What's the difference?

The debate about rotational hitting vs linear hitting continues to gain traction as rotational hitting takes over as the preffered hitting technique throughout the country. I have written many articles noting the differences between these two baseball hitting philosophies and still the rebutting persists. It seems everyone has their opinion, often without actually knowing the pros and cons of each.

The differences between rotational hitting and linear hitting are many; my feeling is that neither one is "perfect" for every hitter. However, the choice should be YOURS. Which one is best for you or your youngster is a decision best arrived at with good information. We believe you can find it here on our website.  

In response, we put together this short video to facilitate your understanding of rotational hitting vs linear hitting to help your decision-making process. Enjoy!

Good luck, continued success, and "get a good pitch to hit!"

Also check out this article I wrote back in 2000 about the History of Rotational Hitting.

Rotational Hitting vs. Linear Hitting Video