JUGS Small Ball Machine

 This new product from JUGS is an extremely quiet and reliable machine. We tested it for three months and had no problems whatsoever. It performed better than other machines we have recommended over the years and we now exclusively use it as part of our instructional training for baseball and softball. Coupled with the Epstein Perfect-Swing Trainer (below), hitters are able to radically steepen their learning curve and/or maintain their already good swings.

 "Sense and simplicity for hitters" in action.

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Epstein Perfect-Swing Training Bat

The HOT new training bat from Mike Epstein Hitting!!

For baseball and softball.

These bats are not available on MikeEpsteinHitting.com, but you can buy them here.

 The Impact Bat

Another teaching aid we use when we instruct.

Learn how to easily "square up" your swing at contact
and stop rolling your wrists too early!

For baseball and softball.

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