Certification Testimonials

If you tell me, I will forget.
If you show me, I may remember.
If you involve me, I will understand.

- Old Indian Proverb

Michael Brooks
Largo, FL

  Hi Jake/Mike, I just wanted to write and thank you both for an awesome instructor certification class last weekend in Denver. The set up you have in your facility is awesome and I learned a ton! There is no doubt in my mind that you guys provide the best hitting instruction in the country. The professional hitting experience along with the strong video analysis experience is an unbeatable combination. Flawless training...keep up the great work!

Doug Flint
Bartlett, IL
  On October 6th and 7th I attended the Epstein Hitting instructor camp in Denver, CO.  If you are serious about getting your players better, or making you a better instructor, you must attend this training. This will be the best money you will spend on baseball this year. I have watched all the Epstein videos and applied the system to my team. The videos are professionally done and explained, but there is nothing like being hands-on with Mike and Jake Epstein. Not only did they teach you the Epstein system from the ground up but you had the opportunity to ask every question you wanted about swing problems and have them answered from the two foremost experts on the baseball swing. The information gained from this hands-on training was priceless. Thank You, Doug Flint

P.S.  Jake, I have been doing a lot of instructing since attending the certified instructor training. Things are going very well and the knowledge gained has been instrumental in making my teams better.

Brian Land
Ethridge, TN
  Hey Jake...I have been coaching travel ball for a number of years now and have always been trying to make sure that I teach kids the correct way to do things, not my way...Hitting is the one area that I felt like I was still missing something..luckily a really smart guy and friend of mine (thanks Kip) got in a big debate on hitting and I had my eyes opened ..he had been studying hitting for years and directed me to just look at your website..read and make my own decisions..I did..it made sense..and made so many other ways of teaching i was familiar with seem ignorant..I began studying tutorials..got the DVD..learned all I could and then took my daughter to a camp to see for myself.  I was impressed..the ease with which he could identify, correct, and teach were..in Jake's favorite words..he owned it.  I've seen amazing results in my own kids hitting and I wanted to pass that knowledge on to more kids but I wanted to make sure I had all the necessary tools and skills to do it right..so I took the certification course..not knowing if since I already had a good understanding of the system if it would be worth it..It beat all my expectations..The hands on things I learned, the answered questions..examples..can not be learned from just a book or videos..but all of it together is the key..Then to listen to Mike, hear his stories.. his experience playing the game..priceless experience..thanks guys. 

Mark Butterfield
Brentwood, CA

Jake, I wanted to let you know that last weekends certification course was great!!! The course was very informative and taught me the essentials of hitting.  Your teaching style and enthusiasm for hitting is awesome.  I went into the course not really knowing what to expect and came out of it very excited. I now feel that I have the knowledge to teach the system, breakdown a hitters swing using video analysis, and what to work on to fix any flaws.  The system works!  — Mark

Mike Roberts 
Coral Springs, FL

Epstein Certified (2010)
Jake, I have to tell you how appreciative I am for knowing you and your Dad. You know I do this for the teams I coach and not for lessons, and that I have been working with basically the same group of kids that are now our 12 year olds for the past 3 years. This week-end we were the TOP hitting team in a 12-Team USSSA Super NIT Tournament….the best teams from South Florida...we were by far the smallest team—but outhit everyone. We finished 2nd which earned us a berth in July’s USSSA Elite 32 World Series in Disney. Our swings were awesome !!!!  Best Regards, Mike

Jonathan Long 
Evans, GA

     Jake and Mike,  I wanted to thank both of you for the information and training that I received during the certification class in Nashville, TN. The words “fun” and “worthwhile” immediately come to mind. I had struggled for several years with trying to understand not only what to teach but how to teach hitting to my sons (ages 11 and 13). What a difference it makes when you have the RIGHT information! A good friend of mine referred me to your DVD’s last spring and I continued right on into the books during the summer. The combination of the visual and written materials really worked well together to get me started on my journey to understanding the mechanics behind all of the great hitters. For me, the instructor certification class was the culmination of that journey.  I got to see firsthand how you work with actual students in the program and the results it produces. It was impressive to see how easily you worked between the students learning the mechanics and the adults learning to teach the mechanics. The use of the video analysis software throughout the certification class was a tremendous aid to the learning process for me because it instantly validated all of the instruction. Also, I appreciated the time that you took to review the hitting clips that I brought of my two boys. It was a huge confidence booster to me and my boys when they heard the positive feedback. By the way, I have found that I have been much more relaxed and positive in working with my two sons during our hitting sessions as a result of having the right information.
Thanks Again, — Jonathan Long

Amy Tudor 
Ft. Wayne, IN
Indiana University – Purdue University, Ft. Wayne
Head Softball Coach
     Hey Mr. Epstein and Jake:   I had a wonderful time and learning experience at your certification clinic in Nashville. It was very helpful for me to see what I have viewed on your dvd's and read in your books/articles put into live action. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I was learning something valuable and something attainable. The atmosphere was comfortable, Jake was very engaging and the information was pertinent to my needs. Also, getting to talk to Mike Epstein one-on-one was fantastic and just plain cool. Thank you for the extra time Mr. Epstein!! Thank you so much for all your time and dedication to hitting and for sharing your knowledge with me. Great to meet you both!!!

Steve Schwarz 
St. Petersburg, FL

     Mike and Jake,   I would like to thank you guys for the great time I had at the Nashville Certification Weekend.  Going into it, I didn't know how much more you could offer compared to the videos and written material that I've already received from you. Boy was I wrong!!! I can honestly say that it was worth every penny and every minute. Sure, videos and written material are good, but nothing can replace the hands-on, face-to-face approach you guys offered during the certification. From the first drill to the last video analysis--it was all great.  
In addition, if this hitting thing doesn't work out for you, you and your dad should bring your "Abbott and Costello" routine on the road. I think I laughed as much as I learned.

John Wharton 
Atlanta, GA

     Jake:  Drew and I had a great time at the Nashville Certification Weekend. We really enjoyed how you and your dad both made the learning much more enjoyable....Drew really thought you were a lot of fun!....and at the same time you know more about hitting than anyone I have ever been around.

I wish you lived here in Atlanta so Drew could take weekly lessons from you...I guess I should be able to give him lessons now, but you know how kids are they listen to others more than their old man!

I appreciate your patience when Drew was just getting comfortable with some of the drills....Drew is like a lot of other 15 year old kids that don't like to be the center of attention, especially when he is being critiqued, so he was a little tight in the drills but he started to loosen up towards the end of the first day. You definitely have Drew pegged though...he has a very good upper body mechanics and now he just needs to start getting more torque from his lower body. The dragging of the back foot is something that has not been emphasized by most of his coaches but I can see the impact to his bat speed when he does it. He has his first Team Elite workout tomorrow evening so I am anxious to see how he applies everything he learned this past week.

We both got so much out of the training and we really look forward to continuing to apply everything we have learned throughout the spring.

Take care and best regards...we will be in touch and I plan to order plenty of videos and accessories off of your website over the next few weeks.

Noah Welte 
Maysville, KY

High School Coach
     Jake and Mike,  Just wanted to shoot you guys an email and thank you again for your time and information at the Denver Hitting Certification Weekend in October. I quickly realized that I'll never watch another baseball game the same way again. I am excited to get to work this off season to help my high school players become equipped with the tools to produce results in the spring. Thanks again, Noah

Joe DeMers 
Brighton, CO

     Jake, First of all, thank you and your father for the great weekend with the certification. You guys were great and the information was awesome. I have to add that you both were funnier than heck, too!

Ed Phillips 
Parsippany, NJ


Jake/Mike: Great job in New York.  It was a great idea to have the kids there to provide examples of what instructors can expect in first lessons—and even better—showing how you go about correcting whatever issues they show.

Having been to my original certification weekend back in the winter of 2009, I did not know what to expect this time around.  Even though I have been keeping up with the new drills through your monthly tutorials, I was a little worried that the New York weekend would be of similar design.  However, I found the new drills and methods of teaching the core mechanics a great addition to the ones previously developed. During my first lesson on Monday night after the weekend I immediately used the updated "First Day" lesson approach and the student picked up the mechanics quickly.  I would strongly recommend to those that have been certified previously to attend another certification weekend, very happy that I did. I know my students will appreciate my increased knowledge.  — Ed Phillips

Eric Wood 
Ashburnham, MA

     Overall, an excellent experience. I honestly think that we could take three days and still not cover it all! My kids had a good time as well and can now better understand the verbal cues I've been giving them. I've had your written material for some time, so it's good that your words reinforced what I've been teaching. 
I think Epstein Hitting teaches the best system that has ever been developed for teaching young players to hit for both power and average. The concepts are backed by both physics and years of experience from some of the greatest players ever to play the game. It's hard to argue with teaching the same fundamentals used by the vast majority of the players in the major leagues.  —Eric Wood

Sean Evans 
Upland, CA

     Hi Jake, Last weekend's certification training in New York was worth every penny! Thank you; I can't wait to begin helping the players that I coach have more success on the field. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you and your Dad have attained and put into a system that can be taught to all ball players. — Sean Evans