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"Mike knows mechanics. It's really amazing what Mike is doing today, teaching hitters how to properly 'turn on the ball' and hit for increased power. And he also has that rare ability to get inside the hitter's head. I'd love to have him on my big league staff."

— Bruce Bochy,  San Francisco Giants Manager

— Two-time NL Manager of the Year (1996, 1998)

— Manager, 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants

Kim Facer 
Urbana, IL


"Prior to my son's sessions with you, I was always frustrated that I couldn't find an instructor who could do justice to his abilities. In the short time that you worked with him, you were able to get him to not only understand the proper mechanics of rotational hitting, but also to perform them with such ease. When we came home Jon started practicing what he had learned and has had immediate success with his new swing. The investment we made in the lessons with you have proven to be a wise one. Your professionalism, knowledge, and the method in which you teach has no peer. You really made a great impression on the both of us. You have a real gift. It's not everyday that you can listen and learn from someone that really is an expert."

Marty Morris 
Washington, DC

Chief of Staff for Senator Richard Lugar, Indiana

The video and the book is an upper level education in hitting and extremely valuable. The video is essential if you want to become a rotational hitter—or just want to refine your rotational hitting. The book is what law students call a "Horn Book"—you can go into depth in whatever area you wish. Mike has really put a great deal of thought and research into both.

But the personal lessons are truly an eye-opening education. Mike uses a piece of chalk and a training bat and really brings out the best in his student. I don't know when, in any field, I have ever seen theory put into practice better than Mike Epstein does in one week.

I think that former Harvard President Charles William Elliot was asked to define the definition of a University. He said it was a student sitting on one end of a log with H. G. Wells at the other. My definition of a hitting University is Mike Epstein with a hitter—one hour a day—for a week.

Garrett Retka 
Minneapolis, MN

High School Baseball Coach

For over a year now I have been watching Mike's video series, watching the video from him speaking at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA), writing posts on this forum and calling him on the telephone. I was confident that I had a “pretty good idea” that what I was doing was correct. I was doing his drills, getting advice when I needed it, and having positive results. Still, I knew there was something more. Something was missing, but what was it?

I am now able to answer my own question. It is really quite simple: the answer was going through the hitting program with Mike Epstein. To all hitters, coaches and parents: if you have even slightly considered going to see Mike - be sure that you do. I saw with my own eyes what it has done for a number of players who were also in town for his hitting program. After seeing them, and doing what I can now do, I know that it was the best investment I could make for my professional career.

Actually, there is no price tag you can put on what you will learn from Mike. He is an outstanding teacher. He sees the little things that make a difference. I’m a professional player and he talks about things that I’ve never even thought of. Many of these things can't be put in a video because they are structured to each individual. As good as we all know his information is, he is even a better instructor. ‘Nuff said.

Thank you all for your posts. They’ve made me a better hitter. If you have ever considered going to see Mike for the lessons, GO! You never know how long he will doing it.

George Pick 
Long Island, NY


I thank you for sharing your incredible talents with both Brandon and myself. I was expecting both of us to learn some great hitting mechanics, but I was not expecting to meet a person that can actually explain the thought-process of hitting. It is quite pleasing to know that now there is a definitive reason behind my son’s mechanics. I do not know how his season will be; nobody can predict that. But, what I do know is that he now has the mental and physical tools to become the best he can be. Watching the transformation in his swing and his confidence from day one to day seven was almost beyond belief.

Mike, your ability to teach is a great gift, but the defining moment of the training sessions was when you hugged Brandon and wished him well. This, to Brandon and myself, spoke volumes about Mike Epstein, the man.

Once again, I must thank you for sharing the best hitting mechanics one can ask for (I have never seen him hit the ball with such consistent power) and showing Brandon how to take a real “plan” to the plate.

Steve Kalousek 
Houston, TX


I would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to Steven’s hitting progress. Your instruction went beyond just mechanics and helped Steven truly become a better hitter. It would have been easy for you to just teach him the mechanics and move on, but you went the extra mile and not only changed Steven’s swing, but his whole thought process as well. We have memories that will last a lifetime and you should feel proud of the job that you do.

Stephen Astor 
Los Angeles, CA


Well, if there were any doubt about the validity of rotational mechanics and the effectiveness of your instruction, those doubts were dispelled two days ago when Greg broke his first window – with a wiffle ball! We’re lucky it’s only one window – he’s been crushing everything.

Although none of us was sure at the outset how much a 10-year-old could learn in a week, Greg continues to make steady progress since his final lesson a week ago. I am very excited, and needless to say, so is Greg.

I want to personally thank you for your patience and the simple and straightforward system you’ve developed for teaching what seems like a complex technique. Having read a number of sites that discuss rotational mechanics, I thought we might be in for a week of quantum mechanics instead. But you’ve reduced everything in a way that is fun and productive. And Greg is benefiting already.

Thank you again for your time and for making our week down in San Diego so rewarding. I look forward to staying in touch.

Mike Borowiak 
Nashville, IL


Just wanted to fill you in on Zach’s progress since his hitting lessons with you .
I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation and to share our experience with other parents who are committed to helping their child find success or with those high potential players who have not yet discovered the secret of hitting for power. First, your commitment to excellence in the field of hitting is unequaled. You've uncomplicated probably the most challenging athletic event in any sport. On several occasions, I witnessed what you would call "tweaking." I think the term "essential adjustments" is more suitable given the impact they had in effectively leveraging the elements of rotational hitting. I know my son will not be looking for singles this upcoming season.

Second, I found myself as much the student as my son. While I had studied your tapes, read your articles and book several times and worked the drills with my son prior to our time together, I always felt that I had not quite put all the pieces together. Your instruction provided the missing links --and all fell in place. I appreciated the time you took to provide instruction to me to help coach my son going forward.
Finally, your passionate efforts to identify the strengths of my son's mind as well as the potholes that get in the way -- and skillful nurturing to move him forward towards success did not go unnoticed. These are life lessons that go well beyond baseball -- and will be far more long-lasting.

While your association and endorsement by Ted Williams is an honor well-deserved, I believe your contribution to baseball and the people you touch stands on its own merits.

Matt Morella 
Piedmont, SC




It's now been about 6 weeks since I first received your products and it is with great humbleness and respect that I send you this note of thanks.


If you'll remember, I was guilty of over-analyzing and not accepting a few of your principles, but after a few emails with you, I began to realize that I shared many of these same principles at the core, but not at the surface.


Being open-minded and always looking to improve, I starting applying your teaching methodology to 4 brand new hitting students as well as 4 repeat hitters.


What quickly and surprisingly came to my attention during these first few lesson were the increasing similarities of our beliefs.


To make a long story short, I discovered that:


a) I share many of your principles and for the ones where we differed I am now 100% in your camp.


b) Your teaching methodologies are superior to anything I have used or seen in the past. Your order of operations moves students through the process with amazing efficiency.


c) I bring students more value in developing their abilities than ever before.


d) Your books, videos, and CD-ROM have provided me with an increased insight to analyze hitters and pitchers in my part-time scouting position with the Cincinnati Reds.


e) I have moved 180 degrees from originally wanting a refund to now feeling it was the best money I have spent.


In closing I'd like to apologize for my early resistance, and secondly, I want to extend my respect and admiration of your knowledge and ability to communicate hitting techniques so effectively.

You are The Hitting Guru and I am proud to say I am now an Epstein Disciple.

John Murfee 
Nashville, TN

     Mike & Jake,

I just finished reading your current Newsletter and then watched this month’s Video Tutorial on "Maximizing Torque."

And, a word of thanks: As a reminder, my son Penn (14), has taken lessons from Gary Ganick, your Epstein Certified Instructor here in Nashville. Penn has always been a good contact hitter, but as you say, he “hit around the ball” most of the time. So we began with Gary last fall, and went through the change. It has been a very worthwhile effort, and Gary has been a magnificent instructor.
Penn is hitting better than he ever has. And more importantly, he is more interested in the game than ever before…”Involve me and I will will understand” truly at work.

He had a game the other night. His at bats were:

     1) Grounder to 1B, out. (fastball)
     2) Home Run, directly smack-dab over CF fence. (fastball)
     3) Stand up Double to RF (curve ball, away)
     4) GAME WINNING WALK OFF HR TO LF (fastball, inside)

Could have lit a cigar off his face afterwards with the glow in his cheeks….

Butch Burton 
Atlanta, GA

     Hey Guys,

I want to thank you for directing me to Danny Gershwin, one of your instructors in Atlanta. My 14-year-old daughter, Amy, has been taking hitting lessons for four years, with mixed results. In March, she started taking lessons with Mr. Gershwin, one of your Certified Instructors, and the results have been phenomenal!

In a matter of six weeks, she has gone from batting eighth to batting third on her travel team. Now instead of pounding out grounders, she is now hitting rockets to the fences! After zero home runs last season, she already has three this year. While her coach is a bit dubious about the approach and her wider stance, he's smart enough not to mess with his new Meal Ticket! Wish I had found out about you guys sooner.

Kevin Mann 
Littleton, CO


Hey Jake,

I thought it was funny that in Liam's last refresher lesson you stated it would be something to see Liam if he played Little League at 12 years old with 200ft fences. While he has been hitting the ball very hard all year, last night he got to play on a field with fences about 180 ft. He hit one out that was over by 20 to 30ft (200+ plus feet). The ball never got more than 20ft off the ground. Not bad for a 70 lb. 9 year old. He is not an overly big kid but his mechanics you guys have taught him allow him to “play big.”

Also, our team has built our hitting instruction around the group clinic Geoff did for us last winter. It is amazing to see what these kids are capable of. They have been doing outstanding at the plate. We, of course, now have to take them through the journey of the other side of hitting, the mental side. However, it is great to start out with a young group that understands what the swing is supposed to look like and be able to fine-tune rather than completely overhaul several hitters' swings.

Matt Pali 
Houston, TX

     This is Matt Pali, currently playing in Germany (ex-Angels org.)
I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! to you both for the devotion you have put into hitting that has become your life's work.
Though I feel I am just now grabbing a hold of the truths of hitting (which is rotational hitting), the proof is in the effortless power I have felt through...this season. I cannot wait to get home (about 3 weeks or so) and relearn all this material with my "new eyes".
I aspire to get into the Asian market next year, with the ultimate goal of playing in Japan one day.
Though I realize I am just another testimony to you guys (as if you needed another one), I just wanted to say THANK Y'ALL (yes, I am a Texan) for not only allowing me the understanding and actually TEACHING what others only SAY (use your legs), but also helping me re-capture the passion I had for this game as a kid.
THANK YOU, Matthew Pali

Bill Tomko 
Blacklick, OH
Team EAS Baseball
Mike Epstein Certified Instructor
     Joey verbally committed to Elon today!
Great fit for him; Division 1 (Elon, 41-18, finished the 2009 season ranked in two national polls: No. 24 in the final Baseball America top-25 and at No. 27 in the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association top-30), Southern Conference Champs, NCAA regionals, great academics, play a great schedule, led the conference in HR's, and loved your video break-down of his swing.
He could never have done it without all of your help and Mike Epstein Hitting. He knows now his work just started and we will be back to Denver this fall. Thanks! Bill Tomko.

Mike's note: Bill Tomko is an exceptional Mike Epstein Hitting Certified Instructor. Email Bill by clicking here.

William Cook 
Prairieville, LA

     I have done a lot of research the past three years since stumbling upon your website and have found NO EQUAL to your method of teaching rotational hitting, although many out there have copied your system without giving due credit. The ease of understanding and the ability to apply your system is leading the way to remarkable changes in re-thinking the way hitting is taught. It's too bad that many in the hitting community don't have the available resources, or coaches, willing to do their homework and teach our kids the technique that will give them every chance to succeed.

Again thanks so much, and as Mike says, “Why make a tough thing like hitting--tougher?”

Peter Garthwaite 
Youngstown, OH

     Incredible analysis! That is the best $50 I have ever spent on a lesson. And I have spent A LOT over the past 8 years.

I have always thought that the left hitting/right throwing had a huge effect on Peter's swing, but his local instructor never listened to me. He teaches all-hands and rarely talks about the hips. I like the way you put Joe Mauer on the screen side-by-side since he is a lefty/righty combo too. We have used Chase Utley's swing as a model since he too throws right and bats left and has a real quick bat with power.
Glad to hear the front arm is ok. I did notice Derek Jeter does the same thing. That's why dads need to get help sometimes!
We're going to work on this hard for a few weeks and  then send you another video. We also may get together this weekend with your certified instructor in Cleveland, Dave Kajganich, to get some live instruction.

Thanks again for a great lesson, and for getting it to us so quickly.

Mike McSpadden 
Spotswood, NJ
Epstein Certified Instructor
     Mike and Jake: I thought you would enjoy reading this email from one of my students:

Mike, You and Mike Epstein are miracle workers. Kim ended the fall league 19 for 33, 200 pts better than her previous best. I try not to brag, but you are her hitting coach, so I can get away with it. She was 6 for 9 in the league tourney, but we lost the championship game to Staten Island - but knocked out a home-town team and Iselin to get there. Against Iselin, she was 4 for 5 with 4 CRUSHED balls that never went over 20-25’ high…single to CF, double to LCF (two-hopper to fence), double down RF line (one hopper), and a home run over the CF fence. Lost track, but at least 7 rbi’s out of 10 runs. Man, what a day. Thank you! —Bob

Mike's Note: New Jersey Epstein Certified Instructor, Mike McSpadden (Spotswood), can be contacted through the Certified Instructor locator on our website.

Jeff Stevens 
Fort Myers, FL

Epstein Certified Instructor


I wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS!

Lauren signed a National Letter of Intent yesterday to play softball at NCAA Div. I Florida Gulf Coast University.

I believe she was signed for her improvement in her hitting over the past 2 years. She is naturally right-handed, but moved to the left side her freshman season in high school. After realizing life was too short to only “slap” at the ball, we started to work on power hitting the beginning of her junior year. To do this, I became a Mike Epstein Certified Hitting Instructor and brought her out to Colorado to work with Jake. I truly believe you two made a difference, and for this, I wanted to say “thanks”!!!!

I will keep you updated on her senior season and as she progresses through college. I am sure she will want to come to Colorado in the off-season as a “Certified Dad” is not enough for her!

Also, when I returned home from your Certification Weekend, I had another player, Stephanie Metzger, who I have coached for 8 years and who also embraced MEH. This player was also recruited and signed by the same school Lauren will be attending. She and Lauren have played together over 500+ games through Little League, travel and high school ball, and will now go on to college together. When the college coach saw these two righties, converted to lefties, hitting with the MEH swing, he was sold!

I realize you do this for a living and it is a job, but you cannot overlook the impact you have, and will continue to have, on the lives and careers of student-athletes. My 14 year old is a dancer and I was wondering if Mike could work with her on her moves?

Thanks from our family to yours! — Jeff Stevens

Scott Devore 
Anahuac TX
Owner/ Fastpitch Stats

I wanted to let you know that I have been teaching your system for about three years now. I have six players from one 14U team that started about 10 weeks ago. I got to see them play last week at the USFA Texas state tournament. All six girls hit over .500, three hit over .600, and one hit .896 for the weekend. Needless to say, I have a whole team that preaches rotational hitting.

PS. I have four students on my gold team. They are the top four hitters, all above .400 through 11 fall exposure tournaments.

Scott Devore
Owner/ Fastpitch Stats