Seven Day Program

Beyond your dreams. Within your reach.

Seven days OR LESS is all it takes — GUARANTEED!

"Yes, I know. No hitting instructor guarantees anything, but over the past 25 years, EVERY player we have taught has learned the core mechanics of the game's most productive hitters. The cost is ONE price. When the player is finished with the program, he will have mastered all the fundamentally-correct hitting moves used by 95% of baseball's Hall of Fame hitters. In seven days or less. This applies to both baseball AND softball players. I GUARANTEE IT!"


  For one moment in your life, everyone will wish they were you.


  • Individual, one-on-one instruction
  • TOTAL elimination of "lunging, drifting, and 'front-foot' hitting"
  • PROPER use of hips and lower body
  • A "natural" swing tailored to put "the plane of the swing on the same plane as the pitch"


High pitch

Low pitch

 Brennan Gaber
 Age 12
 Littleton, CO

If taught correctly, hitters should be able to adjust to all pitch planes!


  • The hands CORRECTLY staying "inside the ball"
  • A short stride to the ball (or "no-stride," if that is your preference)
  • Dynamic balance from stance through follow-through
  • Optimized swing for bat "speed," bat "quickness," and POWER with both the aluminum and wood bats
  • Minimized head movement
  • The ability to hit to all fields — with power
  • Increased confidence-building gained from learning these productive mechanics

Out-Of-Town Players
The Seven Session Hitting Program is geared for out-of-town/state/country players. It is one-on-one instruction. When the player finishes, he will be using the same core mechanics as 95% of baseball's Hall of Fame hitters. GUARANTEED! By the way, the Colorado Front Range is a wonderful place to vacation. Many combine the instruction with their vacations. Special hotel pricing for our students can be found here.

We offer instruction year-round

This program normally takes 4 days to complete. Sessions are held Monday through Friday throughout the year, incorporating 1-2 lessons per day. For your information, our heaviest enrollments are during the winter holiday season and the summer months.

We only take a set number of new students during the year. The dates fill up fast. Calling early to secure your dates is highly recommended. Learning in the "off season" can be easier and normally gives the player enough time to "burn in" the new muscle memory.

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