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The System is the Solution

After being personally tutored by his mentor, Ted Williams, for many years, Mike "shows how" in a remarkably easy-to-learn, progressive instructional program, simplifying the "hips lead hands" hitting philosophy used by the majority of today's most productive hitters (including Griffey, Adrian Gonzalez, Manny, Alfonso Soriano, Pujols, Pedroia, Michael Young, A-Rod, Ryan Howard, et al.), and 95% of baseball's Hall of Fame hitters (including Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Musial, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, et al.).

These are the same principles introduced by Ted in his best-selling book, The Science of Hitting, whose mechanics can now be mastered—in seven days or less! Mike has devoted over 25 years developing his extraordinary, progressive teaching methods, working with big leaguers and youngsters alike.

Most of today's "teaching" involves "emulation:" seeing a hitter we "like" and trying to "copy" his movements. Historically, this has been the norm. And while it has been an effective teaching tool, its major drawback is time—often years—constantly experimenting and refining, until it either proves workable or not. If it does, great! But if it doesn't work, it's back to the drawing board again.

Compounding the problem is the fact that very few players are able to take that "mental snapshot" and utilize it to their advantage. Those that can are way ahead of the game! But for those that can't, they need to be physically put into these hitting positions by a competent hitting instructor and continually practiced until the correct muscle memory takes over.

Mike's time-tested, proven learning program enables the hitter to learn these very same mechanics in DAYS—not years, accelerating the player's development, and helping realize his potential much more quickly than ever before!

In short, The system becomes the solution.


Mike learning from his mentor in spring training (1969). He now passes the Ted Williams philosophy on to today's hitters.

"Simply, Mike Epstein is a hitting genius. In addition to being a superb hitting instructor, he has that rare ability to communicate his knowledge of hitting in a way that everyone can understand and use...He is baseball's hitting guru."

— Lou Pavlovich, Editor
Collegiate Baseball Newspaper

"More players never reach their potential because of a lack of quality instruction, rather than a lack of ability."

— Rod Dedeaux
Legendary University of Southern California Baseball Coach
NCAA Division I Coach of the Century

A youthful Mike Epstein (University of California, Berkeley) played for Coach Dedeaux  on the first United States Olympic Baseball Team and batted cleanup (Tokyo, 1964).

“…the hitters today, a lot of these kids are going to get lessons [and hear people say], ‘don’t do it that way; it’s wrong.’ Ted Williams proved it’s right.”

— John Kruk, Baseball Analyst
ESPN Baseball Tonight (April 20, 2009)