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Epstein Certified Instructors have been personally taught and trained by me and my staff. They have undergone an extensive "boot camp" training program and have demonstrated that they are accomplished and qualified to teach the principles of the Epstein Teaching System™.

I encourage you to contact them and take advantage of their expertise.

Good luck, continued success, and "get a good pitch to hit!"

We are often contacted by individuals who tell us "so and so" says he or she is a "Certified Epstein Instructor," has been "personally" trained by us, or "uses our stuff." Lately, we have heard of an increasing number of cases where parents have been sold a "bill of goods" that their youngster was being taught rotational hitting. When they compare them to the examples on our website, the differences become very noticeable.

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Because of rotational hitting's increasing popularity, there are many out there who profess to teach "rotational" hitting. Most of the students we see now, who have previously taken rotational hitting instruction, are not even close to the real thing. Many that claim to "know all about rotational hitting" cannot even define it, let alone teach it. Getting the "right" information—at the right time—is the first step toward success.

Only instructors, personally certified by us, are listed on our website. Our goal is for those parents and players seeking quality instruction to have a good experience and gain useful knowledge on proper hitting mechanics. For this reason we take our certification process very seriously—as do all our certified instructors. As they say, you either pay now—or pay later. Unfortunately, paying "later" is usually too late....

NOTE: Only those Epstein Certified Instructors who teach commercially are listed on our website (below). The others are coaches and parents that prefer working with their own kids, teams, travel teams, and/or high schools. To see the master list of Epstein Certified Instructors, click HERE.

Jake and Mike,
I just wanted to drop you a note on how happy we are with one of your certified hitting instructors. We live in Round Rock, Texas, and have recently finished up our 7-Day Program with Steve Lawson. The changes in my 10 year old son Jake’s swing mechanics are incredible. But, more important to me, is how well Steve worked with Jake during the process. Steve is highly engaging, motivating, and broke down the rotational swing concept in a way that a 10 year old could grasp and put into practice. Jake and I fully understand that we have just started the journey of rotational hitting but the foundation has been put in place. Jake can’t wait until the spring season starts up to put that front heel down, turn those hips, hinge, and crush that pitch!

Bill La Berge
Round Rock, TX

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