Certification Testimonials

If you tell me, I will forget. 
If you show me, I may remember.
If you involve me, I will understand.

- Old Indian Proverb

Bob Rizzo 
Massapequa, NY
Long Island Braves
     Over the years I have worked with, and been frustrated by, hitting instructors teaching the same old tired methods. I found that Mike and Jake's training is the most professional and easy to understand system by far. Their system makes so much sense it will delight you. Their training will make you an expert at any level. — Bob Rizzo

David Drake 
Dunlap, IL

     I could say many positive things about Certification Weekend, but what's very clear to me from Certification Weekend is that MEH, Inc. isn't a stagnant system of drills that Mike created and left alone. You and your Dad are continually looking at improvements/refinements/additions to the drills and coming up with new ones to address specific issues. That basically means MEH Certification doesn't go out of style and an instructor has a professional resource to remain on the leading edge of hitting instruction. A great process and terrific people. Thanks!

Everett Logan 
Norwich, VT

     Having coached three different sports for nearly twenty years up through the advanced amateur level, I've been to more coaching clinics than I can count. Mike Epstein's ranks at the top of all I've ever attended. Not only is the Epstein method a great way for hitters of all levels to improve their skills, but Mike and Jake are truly top-notch teachers. I couldn't imagine a better environment for coaches to learn how to be the best hitting instructors they can be.

Scott Fulkerson 
Mokena, IL
Mokena Blaze 11U Travel Coach
     Mike and Jake,

Just wanted to thank you guys for opening the vault for us guys that went to the
Danbury certification. I've read and studied hitting for many years including your
books and tutorials (which are all great), but cannot compare to the information
taught and shared during the certification. It was great! My confidence level is
ten times what it was before because now I don't just suspect something is right
or wrong - I KNOW if it's right or wrong and how to correct it.  OUTSTANDING!!!

Joe Gorman 
Philadelphia, PA

     Hi Mike and Jake,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a terrific weekend! The East Coast Certification was outstanding and well worth it. From the Torque Drill to the Video Analysis, a great training program put together and taught by Mike and Jake. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for hiitting and your passion for teaching.

Everett Logan 
Norwich, VT


Hi Jake,

First, I hope you and your dad had a pleasant and safe trip back home.

Second, I wanted to thank both of you (and Joe Espinosa) very much for setting up the East Coast certification weekend. I have been wanting to do this for a number of years and having it in Connecticut sure made it much easier.

Third, I want to thank you for everything you taught me. It was well worth the time and money—and then some! You are a great teacher, and I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge with many young hitters for years to come.

David Luczkowski 
South Bend, IN

     Jake, The CT certification camp was great. I learned more about rotational hitting in two days than I did in 30 previous years of hitting instruction. We are now in the process of acquiring the hitting accessories needed to teach the rotational system. This was the first time in all my years that rotational hitting was explained with my complete comprehension. You did an outstanding presentation.

Tim Severson 
Kalispell, MT
Flathead High School
Head Softball Coach
     Hi Jake,
Thanks again! The Connecticut Certification weekend was awesome! I appreciate you and your dad's efforts spreading the "word" on the only way to hit....You said it, kids would be better off swinging on their own vs. someone coming in and teaching them wrong....I think the majority of coaches and parents out there pass along wrong form and techniques, repeating what they were taught when they were young, "squish....keep your elbow up" etc. I am confident that I will be able to take the easy-to-follow teaching progressions I learned at your camp and transform my players into successful hitters in a short period of time. I couldn't do this without you!

Alex Van Gorden 
Wallingford, PA

     In some ways, the Connecticut Certification weekend was like "drinking from a fire hose," but the information was excellent! Taking us through the program and the process of how to transform a player into a hitter included information and insight that could not possibly be obtained through videos or books. The real life (as opposed to Mike's "other life" :-) stories that helped to answer questions and facilitate understanding were very helpful. Being an engineer by training (and a detail person in nature) who has studied the swing for years, this was the first time that anyone has really been able to break it down and provide a process to teach me enough detail for it to be truly understood! Now I can impart the knowledge (without the detail!) to my players by way of a process that I know will work. I am excited to put this training to use as I am sure I can now effectively execute a program that will transform our team. I would be more than happy to be a reference any time that you need one!
I must also admit, seeing both of you work with the two professional players (after the certification was over) and how the training was done, was inspiring. Just having the added opportunity to see your program work with an MLB player (I know both of them are unique talents) nevertheless takes understanding to a whole new level.

Bob Wilson 
Orange County, CA


Mike, Jake and Barbara,

Great knowledge + delivered simply = outstanding value. That is my description for the Certification Weekend taught by Mike and Jake Epstein.

What a powerful presentation of high level hitting instruction. As a member of a class of 42 new and returning certified MEH instructors, I know we all came away with a deep appreciation for the passion and enthusiasm Mike and Jake bring to the art and science of hitting a baseball.

I am the proud father of a collegiate baseball player in his last year of amateur eligibility. Mike and Jake's rotational hitting philosophy resonated immediately with us and has given my son new hope for rebuilding his swing.

My son and I have witnessed firsthand that over the course of an amateur player's career he will receive so much conflicting instruction on hitting. A player must have a solid inner confidence in his hitting technique, otherwise he is vulnerable to constant changes in his swing. As a newly certified instructor for the Mike Epstein Hitting program, I now look forward with excitement to helping young aspiring athletes build a solid foundation of hitting technique, BEFORE they start their high school and college careers.

I also want to thank Barbara for her loving support of the new and veteran certified instructors. We know she is the glue that keeps us all on top of our games.

Much gratitude to the Epstein Family, —Bob Wilson

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