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For those parents and amateur coaches who want to improve/advance their teaching abilities...

Our next Epstein Teaching System™ "Coaching Weekend" will be held Friday-Sunday, October 10-12, 2008 at a site to be determined in Denver, CO.
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Learn with your son or daughter and SAVE $200.00!!

Our first five Coaching Weekends have sold out....
Don't be disappointed this time! Act now! Space is limited for optimum interaction with Mike and Jake.

"More players never reach their potential because of a lack of quality instruction, rather than a lack of ability."
- Rod Dedeaux, Legendary U.S.C. Baseball Coach, N.C.A.A. Division I "Coach of the Century"

Our Mission:
To teach you how to correctly instruct the hitting technique of baseball’s most productive hitters.

What is the primary differences between the "Coaching Weekend" and the "Epstein Certified Instructor" program?

Coaching Weekend:

  • Not-for-profit
  • Less expensive

Epstein Certification:

  • Intended for those who have a desire to run a money-making enterprise
  • More expensive and intensive

What is "The Epstein Teaching System™?"
When you read Ted Williams’ book, The Science of Hitting, you are reading one of the truly groundbreaking books on hitting of our time, or any other time. Many of the ideas he espoused and verbally communicated to me over the years paved the way for the information I will convey to you and your youngster during our "Coaching Weekend."

When Ted said, “The hips lead the way,” he gave us priceless information how to “hit with effortless power.”

When he said, “you’ve got to be ‘level' to the ball,” he made clear to us how the vast majority of baseball’s Hall of Fame hitters plied their trade.

When he said, “History is made on the inside-half of the plate,” he told us that hitters who do not have the mechanics to properly cover the inside-half of the plate are letting the pitcher have the "upper hand."

While Ted’s information has been ingenious in its content and has been responsible for 95% of baseball's Hall-of-Fame hitters, it was unfortunate that he never told us HOW. In other words, he didn't teach us how to instruct.

Ted Williams' favorite expression was "Get a good pitch to hit!" But, what does that really mean, and how can it change from at bat to at bat, pitcher to pitcher, and from situation to situation? Unfortunately, he never told us.

He would tell us what we SHOULD do, but he left it up to us to figure out HOW to do it. The Epstein Teaching System™ teaches you HOW to teach.

Without the information gained from our "Coaching Weekend," the majority of us would forever be left scratching our collective heads, resorting to emulation, “tips,” and a trial-and-error approach to teach this difficult task.

The Epstein Teaching System™ is a progressive, step-by-step, integrated process specifically designed to give the player "big league" hitting mechanics in days, not months, or years. All you have to do is follow the blueprint with the information you will learn at our "Coaching Weekend."

For parents and coaches with limited experience, what could be simpler? Or, more effective?
To become a better hitting coach and instructor
Become a better teacher of hitting
To enhance the relationship between the parent, coach, and player by effectively working together
Make coaching more fun with a "blueprint" for the hitter to follow
Increased offensive production through good teaching
To promote a fun playing experience for kids
Learn to effectively teach Rotational Hitting by using the world-renowned Epstein Teaching SystemTM
Assist in the development of young players
Learn both the mechanical and mental aspects of hitting
Small group setting optimized to exchange ideas
Meet and share experiences with Mike and others involved in the baseball hitting community
Become affiliated with the "Number One name in hitting instruction"
Learn "The Epstein Teaching System™"
$800.00 per person
Learn together!  Save $200.00 if you bring your youngster or a buddy
Is it possible to TEACH power? 
Absolutely! Through the use of "The Epstein Teaching System™, we are capable of teaching the teachers—as well as the players—of all ages and experience levels. What used to take years of learning through “emulation” and playing experience can now be taught to the player in less than two weeks.

How to stop "lunging" dead in its tracks!
 "Lunging" is one of the biggest problems facing hitters today. Eight out of ten will never hit their potential because of it. Mike and Jake will teach you how to absolutely stop lunging! Knowing "why" lunging" occurs is the first step to eliminating it from the swing. It's simple, quick and it works! Stop lunging and you open the door to more "power."

How do we learn to hit?
Epstein traces how we learn to hit from our earliest days and challenges all of us with his engaging question of “Do We Teach What We Really See?—or do we teach what we hear, or read, or were taught when WE were playing.

Do we teach “Myths?”
 Epstein introduces some of baseball’s “commonly taught hitting principles,” which become real “attention-getters” as he presses on with lucid examples undermining these “imagined” movements.

Style versus Technique. 
 Learn why style is “personal” and technique is “universal”—and knowing the difference between the two is the first step to teaching productive hitting mechanics.

Torque and its positive effect on bat quickness, bat velocity and power.
 It is, without doubt, the root of all speed and power in the swing! All pitchers use it, and baseball’s most productive hitters do, too. However, very few have any idea what it is! Do you teach it? If not, you’re not teaching the same movements that baseball’s elite hitters use!

“Weathervaning” is the key! 
 Epstein shows how hitters—by “matching the plane of the swing to the plane of the pitch”—get the best of all possible worlds: THE LONGEST CONTACT AREA and also the ability to get “back spin” on fly balls and “over spin” on ground balls. A perfect world, indeed! Epstein’s concept of “weathervaning” is sweeping the country and coaches need to understand its relative importance to the swing plane.

Staying “inside” the ball. 
A good reason why 10% of the hitters make 90% of the money and get the "blue chip" scholarships to the best schools! It's that important. If you're not exactly sure what it is—or means—or how it works—here's your chance to get it right!


Why wait? Call us today! Space is limited to 30 applicants.

We have a "no refund" policy on Coaching Weekends. We will gladly apply your credit to a future event.

You're already spending money on someone else to teach your youngster. Why not spend it on yourself and enhance a positive relationship with your son or daughter as well as learning the hitting technique of the game's greatest players.

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As always, I am grateful to you for allowing me to be part of your hitting education, and appreciate your continued interest.

Hope to see you there!

Good luck, continued success, and "get a good pitch to hit!"