Hitting Camp Testimonials

"The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas,
never returns to its original size."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Casey Brazeal 
Paris, TX
Dallas TX Hitting Camp (2013)

Jake, I want to say thanks for your time and instruction with my son Beau (“Rio,” he loves the nickname by the way). Beau & I both had a great time and learned a lot. Not only did I see his swing improve, his confidence rose to another level by the end of the first day. That is what made the weekend so exciting for me. Saturday night as we settled in he sat up in his bed and said “Dad, thanks for bringing me to this camp, I’m having a lot of fun and I really feel like I got better today.”  Jake, that made my weekend! I know you probably get lots of emails saying thanks…I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the work you and your staff did with my son and for giving me the tools to continue helping him work at being a better hitter. I’m sure in a month or so we will send you a video for review as we continue working. We will also be watching the website for other camps in Texas. Thanks again.  — Casey & Beau “Rio” Brazeal

Michael Kravitz 
Parkland, FL
South Florida Hitting Camp (2013)

Jake, We wanted to thank you for the time you spent with Blake at the hitting camp this past weekend. This was the second camp Blake attended with you and your certified instructor, Kevin McMahon, and I am so impressed at how beneficial the program was for the development of Blake's and his teammate's hitting skills. Blake left the camp Sunday exhausted but was so inspired and motivated that he worked on his Swingaway practicing the few changes that you recommended all evening. We appreciate all your time and help and look forward to seeing you again soon. — Michael Kravitz

Todd Derita 
Brentwood, CA
Bay Area (CA) Hitting Camp (2012)

Thanks for everything Jake! Six out of ten boys from our 9U team (the Midgets) attended the Bay Area (Calif.) camp and every one of their parents agreed it was the best teaching session they've been to. I have spent a ton of money on lessons and never once have they taken video of my son. I'm confident our boys will have a huge advantage in the upcoming season by learning the Epstein major league hitting system. Hopefully Mark and Steve will host another one because I'm sure we will have the full team there next time!  — Todd Derita

Bob Deissler 
Galloway, NJ
Boston, MA Hitting Camp (2012)
     We just wanted to extend a note of thanks for this past weekend. The clinic was everything we hoped for. All about learning correct techniques and the instructors were excellent, providing individual attention to each student.  And you made it fun for all. Courtney and Justin are very excited to practice what they were taught and improve their hitting for the upcoming season.  We will keep an "eye" out for more camps, hopefully you will schedule one for New Jersey, hint, hint!! Thanks again!!  —  Bob and Deb Deissler

Kelly Glancy 
Greenup, KY
Columbus, OH Hitting Camp (2012)
     Howdy Coach Jake ... I just wanted to brag just a bit about my son Karson Glancy. We attended one of your hitting camps in Columbus, Ohio. He is a 15 year old sophomore and hit his first home run in an intersquad game yesterday with a BBCor bat.  I know this would not have happened if we weren't on board with your program. The upperclassmen didn't even make it to the warning track so you know how proud I felt walking to retrieve the ball. Thanks! Kelly Glancy

Todd Louis 
Alachua, FL
Florida Hitting Camp (2012)
     Hey Jake, I hope your travels back home went well.  I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great Florida hitting camp.  Nolan has been sky-high ever since we left there on Sunday.  He woke up before school this morning and started working on keeping his shoulder down.  I can honestly say I have never seen him so eager and excited about learning, practicing and getting better.  He asked me if we could go find a cage after school so he can hit some more.

Don't get me wrong, he really likes baseball, but this is as fired up as I have ever seen him.  You provided the perfect amount of positive feedback along with really great and specific corrective advice.  

Kudos on a great experience.  We will keep in touch.  And let me know if there is ever anything we can do for you.  —Todd Louis

Gary Seebaum 
Thornton, CO
Denver, CO Hitting Camp (2011)
Not sure if you remember my son Tyler or not, but he attended one of your camps here in the Denver area back in February. The camp was a huge success with him and we have been on a mission to perfect his swing ever since.  In addition, I purchased your videos and I/we have been coaching your method to our whole team. We have significantly increased our hitting percentage across the board, and it has been nothing short of amazing! This is still a pretty new method for us as a team and we are continuing to make strides toward getting this correctly burned into our muscle-memory. — Thanks! Gary Seebaum

John Manzari 
New Windsor, NY
Oceanside, NY Hitting Camp (2011)
     Hi Jake,

Just a note to say what a great experience it was for Charles and I to attend the hitting camp last weekend. You are definitely ‘THE GURU’ of rotational hitting! Charles learned so much about improving and tuning his swing at the camp; I just know it will pay big dividends for him this season. I will keep you posted on his progress as the season gets underway. Also, I wanted to ask you how we can access the video analysis you recorded at the camp? Let me know and THANKS again.

Regards, John Manzari
Mike's Note: John Manzari's praise of Jake is the finest compliment a mentor (in this case, a dad)could ever receive! He's listened well and has taken hitting instruction to a higher level than the person who taught him.

John Howell 
Haymarket, VA
Richmond, VA Hitting Camp (2011)
Thank you for the time you spent with Jack at the camp this weekend. He had a blast, but more important, he came away motivated to work on his hitting. The same goes for Jacob Koch who was also there (Jacob plays for me).  Jacob said the camp was "awesome." That's high praise from Jacob who is a young man of few words.

I'm sure you've heard this over and again, but I want you to know that you have a gift for what you do. The way you interact with each kid, the mix of humor and instruction, and how quickly you pick up what makes each kid unique, is a true gift.  We look forward to working with you via online lessons throughout the season. 
Thanks again. I appreciate what you do. — John Howell

Jerry Hannon 
Tunkhannock, PA
Boston Hitting Camp (2011)
     I would just like to say thank you for a great hitting camp. Jake has helped my son's swing so much and also made learning fun for him. The camp is well worth the price and the time we traveled to get there. We will most likely be attending your camp in Virgina later this month as well. — Jerry Hannon

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