Hitting Camp Testimonials

"The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas,
never returns to its original size."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Gary D. Brown Jr. 
Frost, TX
Asst Baseball Coach
Venus High School
Mr. Epstein,
I have heard you speak a couple of times (Texas HS Baseball Coaches Association Convention) and your perceptions of good hitting have always made sense; I have repeatedly walked away with a better understanding of hitting. My son and I attended one of your hitting camps this fall along with some of his teammates and I learned a lot more. I have always thought when you quit learning you needed to quit playing or coaching this game.
Anyway the best part of the experience was the personal touch by Jake. He is an outstanding instructor and has been available for any questions I have had since. There are so many instruction avenues a player could follow, but not only do I believe yours is the best, but the others are not accompanied by the personal attention that you guys bring to the table. Thank you. 

Greg Richards 
Cary, IL

Jake:  Thanks again for a very enjoyable and educational camp.  God has certainly gifted you with a wonderful ability to teach.

Chris Alford 
Gray, GA

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the opportunity to attend your hitting camp in Atlanta (Kell High School) earlier this year.
My son has gone from an excellent contact hitter to a dangerous gap/power hitter after working very hard on rotational hitting for the past few months.  He hit his first homerun on May 10th this year. It was a walk-off game winning home run over the right center field. He has continued to “drive” the ball with authority, whether in travel ball or on the all-star team. He is fairly small in stature but achieves great results with rotational hitting. 
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for “TEACHING” the right way to approach hitting. This allows kids to be more successful and enjoy the greatest game of all time.

I consider your concepts the “missing link” to hitting. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Dean Hodge 
Moore, OK


Mike, Jake, Geoff -

Bottom of the 5th in the our World Series this weekend (7/08) with time limit already expired, we are down 8 runs.  The first two hitters get on and Britt comes up and mashes one over the left field fence.  Down 5.  We score two more, then later in the inning Ryan Lujan comes up with bases loaded, two outs and we are down 3 runs. (you know where this is going don't ya?)  2 balls 2 strikes against a kid that had been mowing us down all day and laces one over the right center field fence. TRAVELERS WIN, TRAVELERS WIN, TRAVELERS WIN.....what a night! 

Thanks for everything.

Dean Hodge

Mike's note: Britt Hodge and Ryan Lujan attended our Denver Hitting Camp in June.

Thanks Jake. You, your dad, and staff did an awesome job with the kids.  Britt and "Lujan" had a great time and they haven't stopped talking about it. You brought some excitement back to a kid that was getting pretty frustrated with his hitting.  We will definitely be back.  I would like to plan one of the 5-day private lesson packages for Britt sometime around Christmas break.

Jim Herron 
Royersford, PA


Mike and Jake,

I wanted to give you guys a quick "thank you" and testimony to the success of your program. I have taught my 11 year old son the basics of your program for about 2 years from your CD and books. Last winter we attended the 3-day hitting camp Mike did here in Morgantown PA. I can’t tell you what success this experience has brought my son. I am bombarded with parents asking me who his instructor is! We just finished a 5 game weekend tournament where he went 15 for 16. Sounds ridiculous but everything he hits is hard with nice elevation, many falling over the fence. I’ve coached quite a bit and played Division 1 college baseball, so I’ve seen some hitters, but your stuff is remarkable. Your program is simple, easy for kids to pick up on, and easy to teach. Hope to see you guys back in Pennsylvania next winter.

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