Hitting Camp Testimonials

"The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas,
never returns to its original size."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

John Howell 
Haymarket, VA
Richmond, VA Hitting Camp (2011)
Thank you for the time you spent with Jack at the camp this weekend. He had a blast, but more important, he came away motivated to work on his hitting. The same goes for Jacob Koch who was also there (Jacob plays for me).  Jacob said the camp was "awesome." That's high praise from Jacob who is a young man of few words.

I'm sure you've heard this over and again, but I want you to know that you have a gift for what you do. The way you interact with each kid, the mix of humor and instruction, and how quickly you pick up what makes each kid unique, is a true gift.  We look forward to working with you via online lessons throughout the season. 
Thanks again. I appreciate what you do. — John Howell

Jerry Hannon 
Tunkhannock, PA
Boston Hitting Camp (2011)
     I would just like to say thank you for a great hitting camp. Jake has helped my son's swing so much and also made learning fun for him. The camp is well worth the price and the time we traveled to get there. We will most likely be attending your camp in Virgina later this month as well. — Jerry Hannon

Henry Andrade 
Loma Linda, CA
Laguna Beach, CA Hitting Camp 2010

On December 2010, we attended the two-day Epstein Hitting Camp in Laguna Beach, California.

My 9 year old grandson, Jordan, and I would like to thank you Jake and your wonderful staff: Barbara (program coordinator), Tony Jimenez of the Foothill Hitting Academy, Upland, CA and a Mike Epstein Certified Hitting Instructor, for an incredible learning experience. Jake, I especially appreciate your meticulous eye for detail and your genuine concern for my grandson.

Two weeks prior to attending the hitting camp you sent us the online video tutorials covering the camp presentation: Mike Epstein's concept of rotational hitting, explaining the five absolutes of hitting, and the Torque and Numbers Drill: (2010 update), a systematic demonstration on the core movements of the MLB swing. These online video tutorials were educational, enlightening, and priceless in preparing both of us for the hitting camp. 

On the first day of the hitting camp, Jordan felt a little timid, because he was the youngest and the smallest participant, as you may have noticed a few minutes into the hitting Dry Drills/Technique portion of the camp.

Jordan was extremely efficient and very solid in the application and the performance of the mechanics. This gave him an inner confidence; a glow of enthusiasm which shone throughout the weekend. Thank you for creating a fun and productive learning environment. Jordan made an outstanding transformation that weekend by you using him as the primary teaching example.

Jake, you had an amazing impact on my grandson's life, his skill level, mental understanding, and feel for the dynamics that produce quality mechanics.

Jordan and I are excited about the things we have learned, and we are equally excited about the things we will learn in the future using the Epstein Teaching System.

I am looking forward to seeing you again, at the Epstein Certification Hitting Weekend March 19-20, 2011 (Spring Training) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jake, you made a wonderful life-changing impact on Jordan and his future. "Thank You" just dosen't seem enough for what you have given.

We are forever indebted and deeply appreciative!


The Andrade Family

Antony Rossi, MD 
Miami, FL
Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Program, Miami Children’s Hospital
Plantation, FL Hitting Camp (2011)

My son Chris just completed his second south Florida hitting camp (his second year attending) and he came home exhausted but asking when was the next time he could do this.  His arms were like limp spaghetti by the end, but we couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.  He said he would do it every week if he had the chance.  He called the Saturday session about the most fun he’s ever had (he could barely lift his arms Sunday, so that day was a bit harder).  For a baseball-crazed 13 year old, heaven is not in Iowa, it’s wherever the Mike Epstein hitting camp is taking place.

I would also like to say that from the perspective of someone who cares for kids for a living (pediatric cardiologist for over 20 years), I have rarely come across anyone who understands the psyche of a child as well as Jake.  No matter how many things need to be adjusted in a child’s swing, Jake always points out the things that kid is doing correctly first. He clearly understands the value of building a child’s confidence, then giving the instructions on how to get better.  Jake has a natural gift for reaching kids.

Many thanks for bringing these camps to south Florida.  Jake and all the instructors were great, and the kids were just terrific.  I’m certain you will see much more of Chris in the future. — Anthony Rossi, MD

Ed Mena 
Palmetto Bay, FL
Plantation, FL Hitting Camp (2011)
     I just wanted to update you on my daughter's progress since participating in your hitting camp last January in south Florida. Jake, I don't know if you remember Ally, but she was the only girl attending.

Since then she has been on fire at the plate. She led her travel ball team in all offensive categories. She is only 11 years old and - believe it or not - is actually playing on her school's varsity softball team (high school varsity!). She is playing with 16, 17, and 18 year old girls and is crushing the ball! We are so happy that Ally took advantage of your hitting camp and are looking forward to attending the next one in a couple of months. Thank you both so much. — Ed Mena

David Beaty 
West Tennessee

     When my son was 11 years old he attended your hitting camp outside of Chattanooga in Redbank (2004). He has practiced hard what he was taught and has become quite a hitter.  He took your message to heart about using wood bats and in his freshman year of high school began serious training with a 35/35 bat.Through his 1000's of swings he has built strength and stamina that goes beyond anything he could have accomplished otherwise. I know stats can be a "dime a dozen," but his patience at the plate this past season (Jr. HS) resulted in a BA of .611, 19 HR's and no strike outs. The biomechanically-correct approach is the sweet swing everyone wants. You and Jake pointed him in the right direction.  Thanks.

Ed Mena 
Palmetto Bay, FL

     Hi Jake, Just wanted to thank you for your excellent hitting camp this past weekend at Margate Extra Innings (Jan 9,10). Ally loved the camp, the instructiors were all top notch, and I learned a great deal as well. Ally felt somewhat special being the only girl there. She felt really good because of the positive comments on her hitting. I also want to thank you for the video hitting analysis. You provide a wealth of information on that video and it was extremely well done. I will continue to promote your website, camps, and rotational hitting! Many, many thanks for an enjoyable experience. Hope to see you down here in Florida again next year. Ed Mena

Anthony Rossi, MD 
Miami, FL
Miami Children’s Hospital
Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Program

Jake and Mike,

I wanted to thank Jake for doing such an outstanding job running the recent hitting clinic that took place in Florida this past weekend. We actually thought the Saturday program would be a washout, and we were thrilled to learn you secured a really great indoor facility to hold it. I think everyone was glad we met there on Sunday again; you seemed to have brought some frigid weather with you from Colorado.  My son Christopher came home believing that this was the single-best experience he had at any baseball camp. Chris has not had much previous hitting instruction, but he spent a few weeks last summer at the U of Miami baseball camp and two days in January at the U of Miami hitting camp. Instruction was almost non-existent, but it gave him a chance to play a little. Honestly, the only instruction he has ever had was from me, and I learned playing stickball in NYC! It seems everyone in Miami who was born in Latin America and has picked up a baseball bat believes they are a hitting instructor.  I've kept Chris away from all of them and will continue to do so.  

I think what impressed me the most was the fact that Jake was able to treat each and every camper equally, from those with the most talent to those with the least. From the older kids looking to turn "pro" or play college baseball to the ten-year old little leaguer. It seemed that Jake spent the same amount of time on every single one; not a single player got short-changed. I think that makes this a really special experience for players of all ages and abilities. Too often coaches pick out the most talented players and devote the most time to them. Jake made Chris feel comfortable and like a real ball player. I can tell you that on our way back to Miami, he started talking about attending next year’s camp! Chris probably isn’t talented enough to compete much beyond middle school, but you helped him love the game. For that, I am eternally grateful. And his swing actually is beginning to look professional.

Your camps are "A-Number-1" in my book. And Jake, you are a great guy who has a God-born talent to relate to kids. Don’t give it up.

Warmest regards and safe travels.

Anthony Brites 
Cedarhurst, NY

     Hi Jake: My son and I attended your three-day camp in Danbury and I must say you, your dad, and all who helped were amazing. I have spent THOUSANDS on instruction and never felt the end result was achieved; my son was still not hitting to his potential. I knew he could do more.  Anthony is still talking about the camp and can't wait to continue his education. It’s not every day you get to spend time with a World Series Champion and a player with so much MLB playing experience. I did some research and "wow" your dad played with, against, and was coached by some of the greatest players in MLB history. I want to try and get out to Colorado next March and go through your certification program. Hope to see you in a few months.

Greg Bowman 
Martinsburg, WV


Good morning! I just wanted to take a minute and thank you. Our daughter attended one of your clinics in Springfield, VA two years ago. At first the change resulted in a significant struggle in hitting and towards the end of last season she changed her elbow postition but the swing style remained the same. This year the improvement using the rotational style has been dramatic. As a freshman she has already hit 5 home runs in 6 games. The power she has exhibited has been dramatic. We can't thank you enough and although we still hear swing down on the ball when it goes sailing over the fence the critics seem to be a little quieter. Thanks again!

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