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The absolute



way for your player(s), league, or organization to learn rotational hitting correctly —
and make money at the same time!

Put on a Mike Epstein Hitting Camp in YOUR Area!

Are you associated with a hitting facility? Are you a high school or college coach that can accommodate a Mike Epstein Hitting Camp in a gymnasium? Outdoors?

We can open up myriad money-making opportunities for coaches, leagues, organizations, and schools. We work with high schools around the country integrating “feeder” programs into the high school hitting philosophy. No more having to re-teach players who will be playing for you! Same cues. Same drills. Improved production.

Our camps are proven “revenue producers” for hosting entities, including school and orgnization booster groups. Due to this money-making potential, our dates fill up quickly and are on a first-come, first served basis. Contact us for more information and take advantage of our expertise and databases of prospective campers. 


  • Minimum age for players: 10 years old
    • Contact us for special exceptions to our age policy 
  • All parents of players are welcome to attend all camp sessions to become part of the learning experience
  • Groups divided into player experience and age
  • Experienced players that have attended MEH-sanctioned camps in the past will be part of an accelerated learning group
  • All instructors (in addition to Mike and Jake Epstein) have been personally trained by Mike Epstein Hitting
  • Products (Shirts, Hats, DVDs, CD-ROMs, Books) available at discounted rates.
  • For more information, contact us at 303-694-7700 or click here for email.

Some "before" and "after" video clips from our hitting camps

  • Mike's note: NONE of our "before" clips are staged! The swings you see are the very first "dry" swings the player takes the first day of camp. We video them at the start of camp—and at the end—so YOU can see the progress they have made in a short three-day period. Why do we do this when others don't? Because our teaching system works!

  • Mike's note #2: Clicking on  below allows you to control each screen individually.

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