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SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP Model (FREE SHIPPING $30 SAVINGS!)
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SWINGAWAY SPORTS PRODUCTS is proud to announce and introduce the most upgraded and updated version of the NUMBER #1 Selling and Most Recognized Batting Station in the Top Levels of the Game of BASEBALL and SOFTBALL – The BRYCE HARPER MVP Model.  The BRYCE HARPER MVP is the Newest and MOST- IMPROVED SwingAway for Home Training.  This machine is engineered to be a stronger, more durable and even easier to assemble machine than any other SWINGAWAY.  The new MVP Features ungraded Red and Black Powder-Coated Tubing, stronger Thicker cords and an upgraded net designed for maximum strength and durability of the Highly Effective Hitting Machine. The MVP is the Most Affordable SA Model, but don’t let the Price Fool You- THIS MACHINE ROCKS.  You will become a Better Hitter by training on the SWINGAWAY.

Mat Theory and Details - The layout of the nine balls is called the X-Pattern. This pattern is a visualization of where a hitter should contact the ball as it comes across home plate. The arrows coming off the balls indicate the desired direction of flight of the ball. The 1 ball is for inside pitches, the 2 ball is for slightly inside pitches, the 3 ball is down the middle, the 4 ball is for slightly outside pitches and the 5 ball is for outside pitches.