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StrikeZone Ultimate Analyzer Software
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Get the professional version of the Epstein Software at a 50% discount!

Click HERE for video tutorial (from JC VIDEO SYSTEMS)

Click HERE to download the software package.  You will receive a serial number from us after your purchase is complete (separate email than receipt).

Analysis Software Buying Tips

Comparing products can be tricky! Here's some information to help you make the right decision:

Digital Camcorder Information

As an instructor, everything you do during a lesson revolves around the capture and replay of video in a crystal clear frame-by-frame format. Manual Shutter Speed control in the camcorder is the critical component used in the video capture process. This enables the software to replay the video with exceptional clarity.

Still Cameras that record video are now compatible with The Epstein Analyzer Software program. Using this type of camera is very convenient if you are recording outside and reviewing inside. This type of recording is a 2-step process. First, you must record the swing into the camera. Second, connect the camera to the computer and import the video files. 

While this is very simple to do, it does require an additional step. If you have a system in your cage, it is much easier to record directly into the computer. To do this, you will need a MiniDV camcorder with a firewire connection. Your computer will also need to have a firewire connection port.  If it doesn't, you can purcahse a Firewire Express Card that slides into your laptop.

Some camcorders use a "Sports Mode" feature instead of Manual Shutter Speed. This produces a blurred image through the critical impact area. Avoid cameras with "Sports Mode" and avoid motion analysis companies who recommend camcorders with "Sports Mode." Sony cameras use "Sports Mode" and are not recommended.

You want a camcorder with:

  • Manual Shutter Speed settings (1/500 indoor and 1/2000+ outdoor)
  • DV (firewire) port


Video RAM

To check the video RAM in your computer:

1. Use this shortcut:  Press Windows and "R" (no quotes)
2. Type in:"dxdiag" (no quotes) and choose OK
3. A message will appear regarding Windows Certified Drivers. Choose NO
4. When the DirectX Diagnosis window opens, choose the VIDEO TAB
5. In the main body of text on the left, look for the line APPROXIMATE VIDEO MEMORY
6. We recommend a minimum of 64mb, although some computers will run on 32mb

Make sure you purchase a computer that has what you need now and will support future updates or upgrades.  


Operating Systems 

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

1. Firewire port
2. 64 MB video memory (more is better)
3. 7200 RPM hard drive
4. 512 RAM
5. 40gb Hard drive


With our Motion Analysis Software

You will:

  • Accomplish more in a shorter period of time, increasing the ability of your student and their enjoyment of the game.
  • With the Auto-Record feature, there is no need to edit or trim clips. 
  • Recall and replay clips instantly, add lines and grids to show faults, and move through the lesson quicker with more retention of information.
  • No need to drill down through Windows directories to locate your video clips. The Epstein Analyzer uses a database-driven system so you can organize clips with minimal effort. 
  • You can find, filter, edit, comment, sort, recall, group favorites, export clips, send video email, and more.   

87% of everything we learn is through visualization. With the Epstein Analyzer Software the emphasis of the lesson remains with the student and the instructor, not the operation of your computer system.

The Epstein Analyzer Software will run on any Mac Intel-based computer...but it will only run with a Windows Operating System (not Leopard).

There are two options:
  • If you want to use a MiniDV camera to stream live video into the software, you will need to run BOOTCAMP and WINDOWS on that partition. After installation, the software will run exactly how it does on a PC.
  • If you record from a solid state camera (Hard Drive or Memory Stick), you can import the clips into the software via the Import Video Clip button while using Parallels. The software will have full functionality with the Windows OS, but the streaming capability (auto-capture function) is not supported.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you download the free 10-Day Trial of the software and try it first on your Mac.