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PowerChalk Motion Analysis Program

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PowerChalk is our choice for Video Analysis at home, with tablets and hard drive (non-streaming) video cameras.

PowerChalk allows you to provide voice-over feedback of a player's mechanics to share with that player enabling him to receive instruction and view his progression from any smartphone, tablet, PC, and Mac. PowerChalk is a web-based tool, which allows all of your videos to be stored safely in the Cloud at Make sure to download the FREE PowerChalk 10-second Telestrator App for Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Android (phones and tablets) to view your player's mechanics in slow-motion on the field, batting cage, or training facility. All of the videos you upload from your mobile devices and digital cameras will be stored in your online account.

A PowerChalk Gold Subscription provides the following features:

■  Split Screen:  Place two videos side-by-side to compare your motion to a Pro Model and track your progress.

500 Storage Video Locker:  These videos consist of video uploads from your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and any digital camera.  These videos can then be given voice-over feedback to create a new instruction video to watch over, and send to a player, coach, etc.  Additional video storage can be purchased if needed.

PowerCast BroadCast and Watch:  PowerCast Broadcast allows you to share your PowerChalk Telestrator screen in real-time, and exchange insights as you collaborate with your fellow coaches and players. This tool was developed for Pro MLB teams for scouting and live instructional feedback, and is available for PowerChalk users.

8-minute record time:  "Chalktalks" are new videos created by loading a clip and adding your voice and markup.  You are given 8 minutes of record time to get your message across. These sessions are called "Chalktalks" and are saved in your PowerChalk locker.

■  Multi-Upload:  Allows you to upload more than one video at a time. Whether uploading individual clips of an entire game, or just pushing your video library from your PC, laptop, or Mac for the first time, the process is much simpler with the multi-upload feature.

■  Epstein Model Clip Folder:  By creating your account here you will receive instant access out our large library of MLB and Amateur clips (both hitting and pitching).  You can use these clips for your own personal use or to put side by side with you own players while using the PowerChalk Telestrator. 
Please click HERE for Telestrator video.

Please click HERE for APP video (new iPhone and iPad OS still in works).

Additional information for iPad.