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JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine & Bucket of JUGS Small Balls
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The best-selling dependable Small Ball Machine from JUGS Sports!
• 5-in. / 0.5 oz., polyurethane-foam ball.
• Develop hand-eye coordination and a quick bat.
• Teach the hitter to track the ball from release point to impact zone.
• Increase the hitter's mental concentration by hitting a small ball.
• Help the hitter improve depth perception by keeping head still and eyes level.
• Teach the fundamentals of hitting while removing the fear factor.

It has been said, "The toughest thing to do in sports is hit a round ball with a round bat."

Now try it with a ball half the size! Practicing small will force hitters to focus during practice, which translates to more confidence and success when the real games start.

Package includes Small Ball Machine and bucket of 4 dozen small balls.

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Ships only to USA