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Epstein Hitting Perfect Swing Trainer
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Features include:

1.) Made from northern white ash, this trainer's light weight allows for increased repetitions, less fatigue, and enhanced muscle memory

2.) Unique design including an extended handle and an end-loaded "focal point" barrel. These features help enhance the hitter's eye-hand coordination and ability to zero-in on small objects.

3.) The "Perfect Swing" training bat is available in three lengths for players of all ages and ability levels

4.) It's the ideal training bat for use with all small ball, foam ball, and wiffle ball pitching machines on the market today

*This product is not to be used to hit real baseballs. This is a wooden training bat and is to be used only with plastic practice balls and/or lightweight foam balls.

Colors are as shown:
30"/16 oz -Yellow/Black
32"/20 oz - Orange/Black
34"/22 oz - Red/Black