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Advanced Drills Instructional DVD

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The "Advanced Drills" Instructional DVD is the perfect addition to our "Core Program" DVD. With a run time of 35 minutes, this DVD covers the more advanced isolation drills Jake Epstein uses with all his personal students (Little Leaguers to Big Leaguers). The drills found in this DVD were created to help coaches and players increase their potential by creating more power, making more consistent contact by staying on the pitch plane as long as possible, problem-solving common problems like bat drag and hand drop as well as learning to adjust to off-speed pitches.

Please note: this DVD should NOT be purchased before the "Core Program" DVD as it builds upon the foundational mechanics found in the "Core Program."

DVD Menu Sections:
  • Problem Solving
  • Weight Shift Drill
  • Hamstring Kick Drill
  • Timing Adjustment Drill
  • Power V Drill
  • Front Arm Isolation Drill
  • Pronation Catch Drill
  • Homework Drill
  • Frisbee Drill