Frequently Asked Questions:

Our 7-Day Program
This is the full "Epstein Hitting Method" program. All lessons are conducted on consecutive days. The first three lessons are learning Mike's proprietary drills and can be up to 1 1/2 hours in length. The last four lessons are "live" hitting, where the final "tweaking" is done and game preparation is stressed. These lessons are generally one hour in length. The player gets upwards of 200 swings in each of these sessions.

How long will it take for the player to learn these hitting mechanics?

  • The real value to our innovative program is that the player is taught quickly, easily, and correctly. I encourage both player or parent(s) to bring a video camera to the first lesson so the player can be shot with their current mechanics. Follow-ups can be made after lesson 3, easily enabling all to see the player’s swing development and improvement. Having these "before-during-after" videos work wonders for the player for two reasons: (1) they can now visually see the RESULTS of their hard work, which goes a long way to increase their confidence level, and (2) the player, player's agent, or parent can also see that their hard-earned money is really showing tangible results! 
  • The player is given our proprietary hitting drills which emphasize the proper hitting movements. These drills were invented and designed by me and heartily approved by Ted Williams. These drills, in conjunction with one another, emphasize the proper "core" mechanics  and provide the player with all they will need to further enhance and embellish the movements and positions they have learned. It is very important that the player knows and understands the value of these drills. They are their "best friends," and if done regularly, will help them fight off the slumps and hitting "funks" all hitters face during the course of the season.

What type of "follow-up" is there after the lessons stop?

  • EVERY player will have the basic core movements mastered when he leaves. GUARANTEED! The only caveat here is that players under 12 years of age may or may not have enough control over their motor coordination to perform every movement perfectly. However, each player will have the proper "blueprint" for their bodies to follow when they hit. 
  • As they mature, it will become increasingly easier for them to master all the movements. While I realize we all live in a "microwave" society today, teaching and learning proper hitting technique is NOT microwaveable. Mother Nature does not like to be "rushed." 
  • Once the player has finished their lessons, they have one "free" lesson which they must use by the end of the first month.  As a bonus, they also are entitled to another free lesson before their school/professional season starts. We want to make sure they are "right" and "ready" when the "bell" goes off.

Can the player continue his instruction even while playing in baseball games?

  • In many cases, the player will be playing on teams while they are taking instruction. This is OK, and the player is told NOT to change anything while they are playing. By that I mean the player should just go to the plate and react to the pitched ball as they always did.  
  • As they take more instruction, their new "muscle memory" begins to take over and their old mechanics begin to vanish. More than anything, this metamorphosis, or change, is revealed with baseballs being hit consistently harder than ever before. Gradually, the player’s new mechanics completely take over.  


You have quite a few products. How do I know which one is "best" for me?

Introduction to rotational hitting:

  • DVD: “Do We Teach What We Really See?”
    Note: (If you are "new" to rotational hitting, I strongly recommend "Do We Teach What We Really See?" as your first purchase.)
  • Book: “Mike Epstein on Hitting”

For parents who primarily want their kids to watch and understand the DVDs:

  • OnTarget Series for Baseball or Fastpitch
    • Great with book (Mike Epstein on Hitting)

For parents and coaches that want to know how to TEACH the Epstein Teaching System™ correctly:

  • CD ROM teaching manual “The Epstein Teaching System™: How to ‘Hit’ Your Potential in Just 7 Days!”
  • DVD: OnTarget Series for Baseball or Fastpitch
  • DVD: “Do We Teach What We Really See?”
  • Book: “Mike Epstein on Hitting”
  • Book: “The Mental Side of Hitting: A Guide to Out-thinking the Pitcher”

CD-Rom Issues

I'm not seeing the [MENU] button in the upper left-hand corner of my CD-ROM, "The Epstein Teaching System: How To Hit Your Potential In Just 7 Days!"

  • You will need to adjust your “screen resolution”
    • right-click on a clear area of your desktop
    • click "Properties"
    • click "Settings"
    • change screen resolution to 1024 X 768 (or higher)
    • click "Apply "
      • your screen should flicker and your icons will now look a bit smaller
      • opt to keep new resolution, if asked
    • reload the CD-ROM and the entire screen will now be viewable

I've updated my operating system and now my screen goes "blank" or I get a "blue screen" when I try to access the program.

  • This situation is normally solved by updating your driver. Click here to download the driver.
  • Follow the directions under "How to update Star Force drivers."


How does your personal instruction/program work?

  • Mike Epstein Hitting, Inc. offers a groundbreaking teaching program. It is designed to have a finite beginning and a finite end. It is a 7-day, GUARANTEED program that correctly puts the player into the hitting positions of 95% of baseball's Hall-of-Fame hitters. It is recommended for baseball and softball players.

Where is the instruction done? What’s the routine?

  • The instruction takes place in Denver, Colorado. The only equipment the player needs is shorts,  sweats or jeans, a shirt or sweatshirt, and tennis shoes.
  • The Epstein Teaching System™ is a seven day program. We have found this to be the ideal time frame for those who want to get it "right" in the shortest amount of time.